What to wear for fall photo sessions, Pt I

It's that time again - what to wear for fall photo sessions?? So...let's talk about clothes. You can't control the weather, you can't control your family's emotions or behavior during the shoot, but your clothes - YES. Chances are, you have a fall family session coming up (it's become a cultural norm in the last 15 years) and you want to look great. I can help. 

Always start with an inspiration palette. This will guide your shopping (whether in-store, online, or in your closet) and keep you from going off the rails. I'm going to share a few of my favorite palettes for fall photos this week - and not just because they strike my fancy, but because after 10 years of shooting fall sessions, I know that these look great on just about everyone and can really make the session. Ready? 

Part I: Indoor Snuggle Session

If we're shooting your session in your home, this palette is great for helping keep your skin glowing even in dimmer rooms. Bonus - it also looks great outdoors, so when we finish your session with a few shots in the yard, you'll be ready to transition. I started with this inspiration palette of greys and beiges and built the entire wardrobe off that. This sample is built around a family of mom, dad, son, and daughter, but can be easily adjusted for two moms (add a flowy beige, white, or grey maxi dress), two dads (a plain white tee and jeans works great, and add a beige cardigan if you like!), or younger kids/babies. 

Cardigan above is from Amazon Wardrobe, as are the Clarks ankle booties (they are DIVINE to walk in). And no, this isn't an affiliate post and I get no kickbacks, bonuses, or benefit of any kind from promoting these; I truly love all the items in this post. :) If you need additional inspiration for women's outfits, I keep this board nice and updated. 

Continuing with the palette, dad's outfit is also from Prime Wardrobe, which is a pretty dang cool new Amazon initiative; you order a box of clothes and try them on, and return/don't pay for whatever you don't like. And once again, no affiliate links - it's just a great idea. Top can be found here, Chucks can be found here, and jeans here. Bonus points: all of these items are GREAT staples to have in your closet anyway, so it's a win win. 

How cute is this moto jacket from Old Navy? For the bulk of your in-home session, we'll be indoors and she won't need it; the adorable dress (also from Prime Wardrobe) can be worn alone. 

This entire outfit is another great Prime Wardrobe find. Pants here, shirt here

You really can't go wrong with this palette; it looks good on all skin tones and colors, and transitions beautifully from indoor to outdoor. Bonus points because the neutrals in the clothes really set off the colors of fall around you. 

Questions?? I'm ALWAYS here to help. You can always send me links, snapshots, ideas, etc and we can collaborate on the perfect outfits that are authentic to who you are, and look great on you. 

I can't wait to photograph you this fall!!

Emily Lapish is a family documentarian and birth photographer in Chattanooga, TN. She likes storms, coffee, and bulky sweaters. To book your session or consultation, click here

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