This was 2014.

This year has been great. And hard. And great. And exciting and strange.Also great.The most obvious highlight of this year was spending the whole thing renovating the scary, ancient mancave on the back of our property into THE STUDIO that is now cozy, inviting, and let's face it, a little girly (not too much, though!!).the before - nasty mancave (Emily Lapish Photography studio)McGee and I did most of the work ourselves, and it's not perfect, but it's wonderful. Also pitching in with an elephant's load of work were some amazing friends and family who sacrificed weekends, evenings, and even SLEEP to help out (you know who you are - Josh, Scott, and Pam). And of course our neighbors who graciously put up with the mess, the noise, and one really rude all nighter of work that will never happen again (ohmygoshwillyoueverforgiveus, neighbors?!)A little walk through the transformation:The inside, Before. --Also, my parents, graciously not mentioning what a scary health hazard my "dream studio" was. Thanks mom and dad!More scary mancaveDREAMY, right?!?!40 years of dust and grime in that indoor/outdoor carpet. SO GROSS.OMG we could have died from all the nastiness.Trying to choose a shutter color...ugh. None of the above. Framing the ceilingnew subfloor going in!Ceilings get deliveredWalls painted - up next, paint ceilings.Starting to lay floors. BY MYSELF. Bam. Hear me roar.Replacing door insertsShutters painted and window boxes up - nevermind the rest of the mess!Unholy mess.Before and in progress! Same corner of the building!Totally gratuitous #babydisasterface post. He thinks he's the building inspector. New window getting prepped!Sign is up!We worked like dogs. All year. So hard. And I'ma be reeeeeal honest here - it wasn't all quirky Instagrams and golden sunlight. Money was tight (moving a business from one state to another means starting over from scratch); patience was (sometimes) low; optimism ebbed as we encountered setbacks and obstacles (who would have thought when we bought the place that we would need an entirely new subfloor?! That's, um, pricey.); but we survived (praise Jesus). And it's funny what happens when people see your "highlight reel" and not the behind the scenes chaos and pain - they start using phrases like "you're so lucky to have such a nice studio" and "I wish my photography business was going as well as yours" <----------- WHUT? Lemme tell you, friends. Luck had N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with any of this. I have bled from sawing floorboards with an old rusty handsaw. I have worried about where food was coming from a few times. I have shouted at my husband, thrown things at the wall, and cried myself to sleep (not proud of any of that, by the way). I've worked harder than I ever have in my life, doing the things that scare me most in business in order to take it where it needed to be. That is not luck. That is trial and error, blood-sweat-and-tears, insanely supportive friends, major mistakes, therapy, and God's grace in spite of me. [rant over] Ahem. And now it's open. Finally open. There's a lot more I want to do - we have another window to put in at some point (the more the merrier!!), and my desk is asking me to refinish it, and the hair and makeup area needs some spiffing/organizing, and and and...But it's open! ***You can see an awesome little interview Design Aglow did with me on the studio over on their super-amazing blog here***(^^that link is super big and obnoxious. Sorrynotsorry)But the studio wasn't the only thing that happened this year. Some other highlights:

Chattanooga womens glamor beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0483Chattanooga newborn photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0464Chattanooga beauty photographer Emily Lapish Photography_0434You guys. I am so excited for everything 2015 has.__________________Emily Lapish - Life is beautiful, life is art.   Emily Lapish is a lifestyle photographer in Chattanooga, TN specializing in all things family-related. She spends her time fending off wild animals raising three boys with her husband, and enjoys long walks through Target while cradling a hazelnut latte. To book your birth, beauty, or family session, or to schedule a free consultation, click here