The Hanley Family | Chattanooga In-Home Session

The first thing I hear when I talk about in-home documentary session is almost invariably, "But my home isn't ready!!" That's OKAY. I promise. First of all, your home is way more ready than you think and secondly, your home isn't the focus. The focus is your family and your unique relationship and connections. Honestly, when it comes to an in-home documentary session with me, your home is actually little more than a prop used to put your family at ease. Where else are you going to feel as much like yourself? Where else do everyone's real personalities come out to play?Thirdly, you see your home through the eyes of someone who lives there, who deals with the dirty dishes and weeds in the garden and the ebb and flow of daily family life. I see your home differently. I see coziness of that well-worn spot on the couch where the kids like to snuggle. I see the way the light hits the trees just so when the sun starts to set. That's the stuff of magic when it comes to photographs, and I promise you, every home has these spots of magic.Yours too.Enjoy. xochattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0041chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0042chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0043chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0044chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0045chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0046chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0048chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0049chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0050chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0051chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0054chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0055chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0057chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0058chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0060chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0061chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0062chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0063chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0064chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0065chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0066chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0067chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0068chattanooga-lifestyle-photographer_0069____________Emily Lapish  Emily Lapish is a full-time photographer, wife, mom, and crazy person. She likes long walks through Target while cradling a latte. She is fueled by passion for restoration, grace, and also by obscene amounts of coffee. To book a free consultation or inquire about a session, click here.