Scarlett's Birth | Erlanger East Chattanooga Birth Photography

blog post header scarlettMy ideal job is the one I have. Y'all know that. But within my broader job description, I have favorite session types, and birth/baby plan combos are my very most favorite. It all falls under the heading of "family lifestyle" to me, because I never photograph babies or kids by themselves (the ideal "prop" is a mother or a father or both, amiright??), and what could be more "family" or "lifestyle" than documenting a birth?

Amber and Chris have been so much fun to work with, and I'm so looking forward to the rest of our journey together as we watch Scarlett grow this first year of her life. If you missed their maternity session (on top of a waterfall!), you can check it out here. And soon to come - Scarlett's in-home newborn session.

So, without further ado - get your hankies ready, because this will give you all the feels! Enjoy!!

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