Re-write your story.

Awhile back, I posted this on Instagram:"I'm prepping for a ‪#NaturalBeauty‬ session in the studio this morning and thinking about what it means to exist in photographs. I'm thinking about a stretch of time in my life when my babies were tiny where I avoided the camera - I didn't want to document the weight I'd put on or the bags under my eyes. "I'll wait til I'm skinny and pretty again," ... But I missed out on a whole season of my life that brought its own beauty and joy. One day my kids are going to have to really dig to find maybe a few bad cell phone snaps of me when they were babies. Truly I understand now - being photographed is not about me, it's about them. About leaving them a record of who I am and how I love them."I was so grateful and awed by the response from you all. This comment especially really blew me away:"I wanted you to know how much this moved me. I had booked a session with a local photographer (and coincidentally one of my best friends) but was obsessing on how to hide within the pictures. After reading this, and sharing it with her, I just soaked up the evening and trusted her 100% to capture the love I have for my family. That's what they will see after I'm gone, not the additional pounds and new found wrinkles. Thank you for the boost of confidence and strength. ❤"Why is it such a struggle to show kindness to yourself? By showing up, loving yourself as you are, and boldly being seen, you are not only changing your life, but you're changing the story of your family. You're passing down a legacy of grace and beauty and freedom instead of fear. 

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Emily Lapish - Life is beautiful, life is art.

 Emily Lapish is a lifestyle photographer in Chattanooga, TN specializing in all things family-related. She spends her time fending off wild animals raising three boys with her husband, and enjoys long walks through Target while cradling a hazelnut latte. To book your birth or family session, or to schedule a free consultation, click here