Mom Life, aka: I know you!

I'm going to take a shot in the dark (something that, by the way, photographers don't do often*) and say that if you're here, I think I might know you. Before you get creeped out, hear me out. Mom life.You're a parent, or soon to be one. You love your family, and you also sometimes want to run away from home (no judgment - same here). You're baffled sometimes by how much you can love someone (so much it hurts) and be SO annoyed by them at the same time (have I ever told you about the time my 3rd grader took up playing the recorder? Or how my husband's dirty clothes always seem to be in a pile on the floor right NEXT to the clothes hamper?). You feel frustrated that there's never enough time in a day to do the Pinterest hacks/cooking/cleaning/work/playing board games with the kids/reading books/showering and actually dressing like a grown up. You know, all the things you plan to accomplish in a day. You probably haven't had a girls' night out in awhile. You probably look in the mirror and make a mental list of all the things you'd like to change.Am I onto something here? If I'm right about this, then you are the reason I do what I do. It's your family I want to photograph interacting and loving on each other in the beautiful chaos of your life. For two reasons: One, because that kind of emotion-filled, personality-rich photography is what makes my heart sing. Two, because I want you to see those photographs on your wall when your day is hard and you feel like a failure. There is so much value in the visual reminders of who you love, how you love them, and WHY you love them.quotes1So set aside some time, slow down life, and have fun together - you may even forget I'm there with a camera. And keep those memories on your walls for your children and grandchildren.*little joke there. you're welcome.buzz1To schedule your free consultation, or book your birth, beauty, newborn, or family session, click hererelaxed candid photography