Libby's Newborn Session | Chattanooga In-Home Newborn Photography

This sweet baby girl was longed for and is so deeply loved. After a long stint in the NICU, she finally came home, and we celebrated with a newborn session (even though she was more than a month old by then!). She is a total delight to everyone she meets; she definitely has me wrapped around her little finger.In-home newborn sessions can look quiet and peaceful in pictures, but it's important to tell the real story, too (I was laughing so hard while trying to take this picture). Having older siblings can be a hazard to your health (as I well know from being the baby in my family!). ________________ Emily Lapish is a family and birth photographer in Chattanooga, TN, and loves long walks on the beach. In lieu of long walks on the beach, a long walk through Target will do nicely. To book a consultation or just to say hi, click here