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How to choose the right photographer for you, based on their styleLet's be honest, choosing a photographer is overwhelming. There are a HUGE variety of price points, packages, and styles, not to mention all the terminology. It's like you have to have a degree in Photographerese to even understand. "Investment" -- is this a financial planner website? "Lifestyle" -- that word means almost anything these days. "Boutique" -- I thought that meant special clothing store? "Custom" -- isn't every photograph by nature "custom"?I try to keep things simple. I've shopped for a photographer before, and - even for me, after 10 years in the business - it can be hard to know what you're actually getting into beforehand. So let me break down for you just exactly what you should know before hiring me. I'm going to be answering one FAQ at a time about what I do for the next couple of weeks. First up? STYLE.

FAQ #1: What's your style?

If you want to speak in photographer terms, my style is a blend of lifestyle and documentary that's all my own. In plain English, that means my goal is to photograph the candid moments when you forget the camera and a) connect in an honest way with your loved one(s), or b) unconsciously reveal something of who you really are. I've found there is a huge difference between the way we project in photographs when we're self-aware and conscious of the lens pointed our way, and when we lose ourselves in the moment. I've noticed it time after time after time in my work with my clients, in my photographs of my own family, and in photographs that others take of me. I don't really like the way I look when I'm consciously smiling for the camera - but catch me laughing with my guard down, and I treasure it.That's what we call documentary photography; unposed, undirected by the photographer, untampered with.In-home family photography session in Chattanooga, TN by Emily Lapish PhotographyHowever, we don't always have an entire day to spend together, which means that I need to figure out how to get poignant, emotional, honest images in a short (relatively!) period of time. That's where the touch of "lifestyle" comes in. Lifestyle photography strives to stay true to the subjects and their real lives, but there is an element of photographer intervention in the creation of the pictures. For instance, I might suggest that we've gotten as much as we need from our "baking cookies together" portion of the session, and that we should head to the bedroom for some jumping on the bed photographs. If someone's having a wardrobe malfunction, I'll give a heads' up (which wouldn't be the case in a strictly documentary session).In-home family photography session in Chattanooga, TN by Emily Lapish PhotographyThere's a little more planning involved as well. Depending on the ages of your family members, I might suggest some activities that you and your family might enjoy doing, and encourage you to talk it over with your family and make sure they're on board (nobody wants to force a kid or a dad into a water balloon fight if that's not their jam!).Bottom line: my style is my style, and if it's not your thing, that's completely fine! I'm not the photographer for everyone; I do what I love to do, and I encourage you to find someone who does what YOU love.In-home family photography session in Chattanooga, TN by Emily Lapish Photography________________ Emily Lapish is a documentary-style family and birth photographer in Chattanooga, TN. She spends her time herding cats raising boys with her husband/partner in crime. She likes champagne and long walks on the beach, but frequently settles for store-brand La Croix and long walks through Target. To book a session, or just say hi, click here.