What to do in Chattanooga over Spring Break | GUEST POST!

So Spring Break starts here on Friday - DAY AFTER TOMORROW - and can I just say that happened FAST?! Maybe it's the snow flurries that had me feeling like it's still, oh I don't know, JANUARY, but apparently it's not. Ahem. Anyway, if you're like me, you may be scrambling to figure out what you're going to do with those crazy children  as a family to make good memories and stay sane. Well, you're in the right place. My dear friend Lexi has just published an AWESOME book on all the best things to do in Chattanooga, and guys, you gotta get this book. If you live here, it will help you rediscover your city and shake up your routine a bit. If you don't live here, first of all, I'm sorry for you, and second, it will make you start planning a vacation here.Anyway, today Lexi has graciously stopped by the blog to suggest some awesome Spring Break appropriate adventures to keep your kids entertained and everyone happy. Without further ado --

3 Spring Break Staycation Ideas

guest post by Alexi Ruth Engesath

Have you ever felt stuck in the flow of life? You wake up, hustle the kids off to school, hustle yourself off to work, pick the kids up from school, do the homework, eat the dinner, hustle the kids off to bed and collapse. Day after day. Life can keep us so busy we forget to make time for fun and adventure as a family. Fortunately, Spring break offers the perfect opportunity for a family staycation, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in Chattanooga.Start with a guided tour of the Lost Sea Caverns, whose colorful history is scrawled all over its walls. The graffitied cave document its varied visitors, including the Cherokee, Civil War soldiers, moonshiners, and more than a few mischievous teens. Come prepared with a sweater and flashlight. The cave remains a brisk fifty-eight degrees year-round, and while there is low lighting, a flashlight gives a better view of the cave flowers and formations along the path. Follow the wide winding trail to the edge of the water where a glass-bottomed boats cruise the perimeter of the ethereal Lost Sea. Take the adventure to the next level with a Wild Cave Tour. Explore hidden nooks and crannies, and camp out on what was once the dancefloor of a speakeasy. Keep in mind, this is camping at its most primitive. Be prepared to rough it, sleeping on the ground without access to showers. Bring water, wet wipes, sleeping bags, and clothes that can get dirty, but don’t worry about food. Dinner and breakfast are provided by the program. Tickets for the boat tours start at $20 for adults, $11 for kids 5-12 and kids 4 and under can explore for free. The cave tours are a bit extra, and priced by the number in the group.http://thelostsea.com/With Chattanooga’s weather wildly flip flopping from beautiful to dreary, planning a day out and about can get difficult. Avoid the inclement weather (not to mention the snakes and bugs) at one of Chattanooga’s indoor climbing gyms. Great for every age and experience level, climbing gyms are a way to try out the sport in a controlled environment with expert help on hand. Learn the proper use of equipment under the watchful eye of a guide, and gain the confidence and skills required to take on the mountains and boulders surrounding Chattanooga. At the downtown location kids can scale the walls of a city, leaping from building to building like spiderman. Day passes start at $16 for adults, and $14 for kids 10 and under, as well as a few additional fees to rent climbing gear.Looking for something a little less...rugged? For less than the cost of a regular price movie ticket, catch a double feature at the Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater. The drive-in sits just over the border of Georgia in the middle of nowhere, far from city lights. Get there when the gates open to snag a prime parking spot. Bring along a football, soccer ball or frisbee and let the kids run wild in the fields surrounding the theater. Enjoy a dazzling pre-show as the sun sets behind the mountains and the stars take over the sky. Keep in mind, outside food is not permitted, but the concession stand is stocked with more than the standard popcorn and soda. Grab a funnel cake, snuggle under a blanket, and settle in for an unparalleled movie experience. Tickets are $7, kids 3 and under can enjoy the movie for free.http://www.wildernesstheater.com/Spring break is nearly here. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the flow of life for a bit. To reconnect as a family and find a little adventure. Whether you explore a wild cave, scale the walls of a climbing gym or snuggle under the stars you’ll be doing it together.__________ Emily Lapish is a full-time photographer, wife, mom, and crazy person. She likes long walks through Target while cradling a latte. She is fueled by passion for restoration, grace, and also by obscene amounts of coffee. To book a free consultation or inquire about a session, click here.