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chattanooga lifestyle storytelling family photography_0022               There's this epidemic in our culture, growing at an astonishing rate, and infecting a shocking number of people per year: women not liking what we see in the mirror. I know this disease of poor body image affects men as well, but for the sake of this discussion, I'm just talking about the ladies here. It breaks my heart. And I have no magic cure for it - I struggle with it myself (since we're committed to 100% honesty around here).Odds are if you yourself aren't experiencing symptoms, one of the women closest to you is - and it's devastating. It's time to start fighting back against the negative words and phrases that play on repeat in our hearts, telling us we're less than we are. We're created in the Divine image, made with loving care for a purpose, and that is a glorious thing.My heart for women - all women - is that we would see, know, and deeply understand how truly, wildly beautiful we are, each in our own way. That we would celebrate our differences and physical quirks (don't ever let me hear you call them imperfections), and learn to truly love this one body we've been given.I love the chance to capture a woman's unique beauty in photographs, and I love the chance to show them to her and see her react with surprise and a "is that really me??" reaction. Yes - yes, it's really you, and you really are 100 times more beautiful than a picture can even say.Does that sound dramatic? I don't think it is.In this vein, I'm officially introducing a my newest line of sessions: The Beauty Project. I've been doing these sessions for about a year now without a big introduction, but I'm ready now to officially roll them out. This isn't a family session; it's just for you. It's the chance to see yourself in a new light. Confidence is crucial part of emotional health, and if a personal photo session can give you a stronger foundation of confidence, then I feel like I've done my job well.If you would like more information on these sessions, please drop me a line here. I'd love to share all the details with you and find out how this kind of session could benefit project boudoir lifestyle photography_0362beauty project boudoir lifestyle photography_0358beauty project boudoir lifestyle photography_0361beauty project boudoir lifestyle photography_0364beauty project boudoir lifestyle photography_0363____________Emily LapishEmily Lapish is a full-time photographer, wife, mom, and crazy person. She likes long walks through Target while cradling a latte. She is fueled by passion for restoration, grace, and also by obscene amounts of coffee. To book a free consultation or inquire about a session, click here.