Baby N. | In-home newborn session.

lifestyle family newborn photography_0003Ooooooooh you guys. My job truly sucks some days (have you met my friend the IRS?), but THESE days - the days I get to snuggle babies and visit with their wonderful families - these days the most amazing days of my life.If you missed this gorgeous little man's birth, you can see it here. Enjoy! xolifestyle family newborn photography_0017lifestyle family newborn photography_0018lifestyle family newborn photography_0015lifestyle family newborn photography_0016lifestyle family newborn photography_0012lifestyle family newborn photography_0011lifestyle family newborn photography_0010lifestyle family newborn photography_0008lifestyle family newborn photography_0009lifestyle family newborn photography_0013lifestyle family newborn photography_0014lifestyle family newborn photography_0006lifestyle family newborn photography_0007lifestyle family newborn photography_0005lifestyle family newborn photography_0004lifestyle family newborn photography_0002lifestyle family newborn photography_0001__________________View More: Emily Lapish is a donut enthusiast who enjoys living an unconventional life. She likes building stuff, and loves long walks through Target while cradling a hazelnut latte. She spends her time fending off wild animals raising three boys and two girls with her husband. To come by the studio to say hi or book a session, click here or here.