75 Photos To Take During Your Baby's First Year

You're going to want to remember the moments that make up your baby's first year, but in case you haven't had a baby before, let me let you in on a secret: you're probably not going to remember everything you want to. That first year is a blur, and unless you have a photographic memory, you're going to need photographs to help keep those moments.So what photos should you make sure to take? Read on.

1. The last time your baby is inside

It's been 9 months, it's felt like forever; you thought it was never going to end. But once your baby is a little older, your pregnancy is going to feel like a blip in your memory. Take that one last bump picture before it's over!

2. Mom meeting baby

This one only happens once, and you can't recreate it. It's not a pose or a portrait; it's a moment, an emotion, a reaction. Your birth partner is going to be deep in the feels at this moment too, so don't trust that they'll catch it. This is the only picture on this entire list that I can't teach you to take yourself, so you know what I'm going to say: hire a birth photographer. 

3. Dad holding baby for the first time

Dads are totally adorable holding their new babies for the first time.

4. The clock at the time of delivery

Take it from me, you probably won't remember the time your baby entered the world, and this is a great way to recall it to mind.

5. Holding your baby's hand

Your hand and your newborn's hand together is a pretty overwhelming thing, emotionally, to look back on. Those unbelievably small fingers will grow so quickly.

6. Meeting siblings for the first time

Kids are unpredictable, and this might not be the heart-melting milestone moment that you envision. But even if your older kiddos throw a fit when meeting their sibling, trust me - it's photo-worthy. You're going to want to slip that in the slideshow at their weddings.

7. Hospital bracelet/anklet

8. First bath.

Babies getting their hair washed for the first time - AMAZING. They get so into it.

9. First family photo.


10. First carseat ride

Have you ever seen a newborn in a car seat for the very first time? They are ridiculously dwarfed by the world around them and it will melt your heart.

11. Lying in the crib, first day home, for perspective

Center your baby in the middle of the crib. You'll take this same photo later and be surprised at how much your baby has grown.

12. Nursing or bottle feeding, newborn

The connection is just irreplaceable.

13. Tummy time

When they lift up and look around for the first time - adorable.

14. Swaddled up and sleeping on the bed

15. Interacting with pets

You'll want to remember that special relationship.

16. Rocking your baby to sleep.

Chances are, you'll spend countless hours doing just that during the first year.

17. Your baby with any special lovey or blanket.

This one can also be a great perspective shot - take the same picture every month or two and compare growth.

18. Discovering their toes.

I absolutely cannot ever get enough of baby toes.

19. Snuggling with siblings.

They'll probably do their fair share of squabbling over the years, so make sure you document the sweet moments.

20. Lying in the crib, 1 month old.

Perspective comparison! It's crazy how much they grow in that first month.

21. Cuddling with dad.

22. Cuddling with mom.

23. The nursery.

You've worked hard on it! Photograph it. Try different angles and perspectives.

24. The million faces your baby makes in quick succession.

Baby expressions are hilarious and they change so fast. Take a bunch of pictures in quick succession and watch the changing expressions.

25. Family reading time.

Don't forget to include the baby.

26. Bath time.

Babies in baths are adorable and hilarious at the same time.

27. Crying.

It may not seem like a photogenic moment, but it is. Or will be. That tiny pouty face is adorable! And if you're like me, the act of taking a step back to take the picture gives you a fresh perspective, and can ease some of the overwhelm you may be feeling.

28. Ears.

29. Hair.

Especially if your baby has a cowlic or a rooster-style mohawk.

30. Lying in the crib, 3 months old

It's crib time again! You can do this shot every month if you're extra ambitious.

31. Playing with mom.

32. Playing with dad.

33. Naptime.

34. Kisses.

35. First foods.

36. Messy food face.

37. Fresh out of the bath.

38. Chewing on toys.

39. Rolling over.


40. Lying in the crib, 6 months

Let's face it, at this point, your baby might be sitting up in the crib instead of lying, but that's completely adorable too.

41. Nursing or bottle feeding, 6 months

When their chubby hands hold the bottle....oh my heart.

42. Sitting in high chair.


43. Crawling.

44. Hands.


45. Playtime


46. Discovering textures.

There's something hilarious about babies stepping on grass for the first time. Every. Time.

47. Being outside in nature.

48. Smiles.

49. Eyes.

50. Lying in the crib (again!!) at 9 months

51. Pulling up on furniture.

52. Cruising.

53. Nursery naptime.

54. First tooth.

55. First shoes.


56. Baby in stroller.

57. First steps.

58. Peekaboo.

59. The Lion King pose.

60. Lying in the crib at 12 months.

Or standing. Because that's kind of how it goes at 12 months.

61. Baby at grandparents' house.

62. With first friends.

What's cuter than a baby? MORE babies!

63. On a hike.

64. In a grocery cart.

65. At storytime.

66. Baby's first Christmas.

67. Baby's first Halloween.

68. Baby's first Easter.

69. On the couch.

Couches can be great spots for photos! Just make sure you have a spotter on hand - babies do tend to lunge unexpectedly.

70. Riding on a parents' shoulders.

71. Family photo on the front porch/step.

72. First time in a pool/lake/ocean.

73. On the beach.

74. First taste of ice cream.

75. Getting into mischief.

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