Ellie Rae's Adoption Day

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I get emotional about a lot of my work, but nothing gets me quite like an adoption story. Fostering and adoption are near to my heart and part of my own story; when this mama contacted me two years ago to say they had just gotten a call about a newborn baby girl in need of a foster family, my heart melted a little. A week later, I was doing a newborn session for her - at the time, with the goal of giving her birth mother the pictures once reunification had been achieved. They didn’t know if they would get to be her parents for a week, or a month, or a year. Fast forward two years, and she’s never had to know a moment apart from them. I was overwhelmed with emotion to be part of the beautiful day that the judge made their love all legal and binding and official. I’ll let the film and photos tell that part of the story. xo

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Emily Lapish is a family documentarian, using photographs and films as a medium to tell the story of real life, real love, and real connections. She likes long walks on the beach while sipping champagne, but gets by on long walks through target while sipping a latte.

Emily Lapish